Final Advice

Ambassador Ann | March 29, 2012

You have 30 seconds to live and you need to relay to your children or loved ones the 3 most important things to living a happy and fulfilling life!

That was the exercise Lead Program Attorney Kyle R. lead with for his morning meeting on Tuesday. Kyle asked everyone to write down what they would say. This exercise is to actually look at what you think is important because this is the way you should be living your life. It shouldn't be 'Do as I say, not as I do'. If you aren't living your life this way, how can you tell someone else to?

Below are some responses:
  • Make Your Bed Every Morning.
  • Everyone Deserves A Second Chance.
  • Never Settled!
  • Do Something Everyday That Breaks You From A State Of Comfort.
  • Don't Consider A Dream To Be Big Enough Unless It Terrifies You.
  • Value To No Aid The People Who Inspire You.
  • Deal With This Moment First.
  • You Do Not Own Success, You Rent It. And Rent Is Due Every Single Day.
  • Actively Weed Out Negativity.

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