Free Hugs and a Dance Party

Lawline Staff | November 30, 2011
Last week Frank was giving away some free gifts before the Black Friday sales started: Free Hugs!

Frank started the morning holding up a "Free Hugs" sign, inviting anyone from the company to share a warm greeting to get the day started.  Inspired by Juan Mann's campaign for happiness and his own personal defeat of depression, Frank told the story of the "Free Hugs" and how it went from one man trying to make the world a better place to a viral video viewed by more than 70 million people.
Frank also introduced the team to a social experiment called the Dance Floor Theory; creating a network of people to join you in the middle of the dance floor as opposed to just a few people dancing while rest standing and watching.
Lawline capped off Frank's presentation with a dance session to get the creative juices flowing and an energetic mindset going.  Between the Free Hugs and sporadic dances moves (i.e. the sprinkler, the shopping cart, even a little running man) it was a great way to get the day started for the company.

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