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Lawline Staff | February 19, 2013

Actively Learning Meredith

One Friday, Meredith came into the video production room with a project she was working on. She was making a tutorial video and wanted to use Final Cut to edit it further. Meredith has never used the program before but she faced her task with interest, patience and enthusiasm. She even stayed late to put the finishing touches on it. And the result....the video came out great!

Also for the past month, Meredith has devoted the majority of her time to getting our Susan Davis real estate courses ready for accreditation and testing our new hybrid course center. Every day brought on a new set of bugs and challenges, but nothing was strong enough to affect Meredith's positive attitude.

She always tackled every situation head on and once she conquered one issue, she would quickly ask for her next assignment. Her optimistic attitude shines through her work product as well as her friendly banter with co-workers and her current neighbors Ben, Alan and most of all Milton.

Seeking Creative Solutions Melissa

While the whole Video Production team deserves this award every month, Fannon must single out Melissa. She routinely goes above and beyond by helping to create questions for faculty members that look to be going short on time, using the screen-share zoom for webcam courses, and expertly zooming in on the TV above a presenter's head when they spontaneously wanted to point out some specific on a chart.

When we have CPE faculty come in to teach, Melissa has been very helpful making the process run as smooth as possible. This is a team environment and we really kick it into gear when Jeff F get the Skype from Melissa ""They're already on Slide 19!!""

Melissa always stays positive and ensures that everything is put back on track and works out in the end. She also excitedly volunteered to help Lauren and Micah to film the new B-Roll for the Valentine's Day course and starred in the clips!

Taking Time to Help OthersLauren

Lauren has always been our go-to intern in Production for getting important projects done because when you tell her you need her help on something, she immediately gets to work. When Lauren started working full time for us in January we were in the thick of things with the Susan Davis Real Estate courses. Despite her being told that she would be working full time on production of our CLE courses, we told her we needed an extra body on Real Estate and she quickly jumped on board.

She did any task needed no matter how tedious, and became especially good at Michele's least favorite project of listening to each clip over and over to make sure the ending was natural. In the CLE Department, she takes time to create newsletters explaining the changes in law and then connects them to our courses.

She is also creating a Valentine's Day course and does every task - no matter how big or small with a smile and always makes you feel confident that the task will get done. Thanks Lauren always being willing to collaborate wherever needed at FurtherEd.

Exuding Optimism Sigalle

There are quite a few steps to remember in the process of booking an attorney to teach a course here. From DC's experience, increasing his familiarity with each step has not been an entirely flawless process. Because FurtherEd was such a well-oiled machine before he got here, being the cause of a mistake or oversight in processes has the tendency to make DC feel like he's slowing the group down or not acclimating as quickly as necessary.

Fortunately, he works across the table from Sigalle Barness. Sigalle, in addition to doing her job, has served as a teacher to and a supporter since day one, which mimics her interaction with everyone here. Sigalle has been there to help DC rectify any issues, learn from the process, and move forward without any second-guessing. Of course, in the primary spirit of the award, Sigalle caps every lesson off with strong words of encouragement and reassurance, and by doing so, has helped DC to more quickly feel like a part of rather than an impediment to the company machine.

For every situation we encounter in this room, Sigalle is quick to identify the long term positives and the return on investments, even when those situations are simply, simple instances of learning on the job. Thanks Sigalle.

Driven to Find a Better Way Joe

Scrum anyone? Joe2 gave a presentation that he clearly spent a lot of time putting together on a new management system called Scrum. When preparing a presentation of that depth there is no doubt you are learning more as you do it. As we say teaching is the best form of learning.

This will be the game changer the company was looking for once implemented. He's been focusing really hard on getting the development team together and improving the efficiency of how things are done around here. We can't wait to see how our new Scrum process works out once we start moving full speed ahead on it! Joe also came in and quickly concurred FurtherEd tech. He gave us a nice layout of the dashboard and countless hours to perfect the home page. He also took bugs as Todd threw them at him and fixed them quickly with very little questions.

Joe2 is making an incredible impact right out of the gate and could easily be nominated for multiple core values this month for his drive to improve the work flow for the development team, taking considerable time to educate others on how to implement process improvements and for continually learning how to maximize the software we use. Joe thanks for teaching, learning and sharing the secrets of the scrum.

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January 2013 Core Values Newsletter

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