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Ambassador Ann | March 20, 2013

Actively Learning Blair


When Blair first started at FurtherEd, she expressed interest in video production, and within the past two weeks she has been training with Melissa on webcasting.  Blair jumped in with both feet and has been nothing but determined and positive about the whole experience.  She’s also learning very quickly!

Blair now knows the in’s and out’s of Wirecast, how to operate the cameras, and how to control audio.  Blair exemplifies actively learning because she stepped outside of her comfort zone to learn a new skill.  Great job Blair!

Seeking Creative Solutions Melissa & Micah


Micah and Melissa have shown the patience of saints with the internet situation in their room.  We have continuously worked to improve their internet while streaming courses and it has worked to some extent, but we still have not perfected it.

Thanks to their ability to seek creative solutions by wiring computers from an internet port across the room and know when they are on RCN or FIOS, they have saved many customers and employees time.

I (Frank) promise you a logical and non-creative solution is on its way.  Thanks for your help!


Taking Time to Help Others Mark


This one is obvious.  Debugging is a frustrating and exhausting process.  Most developers prefer to create rather than repair.  When Agile was on the horizon, we knew we would need someone focused on bugs and, as Dave calls them, “fires” while the rest of the team focused on new features.  Mark stepped up to handle bugs and has proven reliable and efficient at this task.

He was also strangely enthusiastic about it.  By doing this alone, he allowed the rest of the team to deliver your new admin.  Without him in that seat Deb Development’s work would never get done.   Ina very short period of time he took on the ruff code that drives FurtherEd and learned it.  He can take anything anyone throws at him without having to refer to the veteran developers.  He also really enjoys Flavors.

Mark really handled this role great and has been very patient and direct with all fixes.  Good work Mark, you are both a scholar and a gentleman.

Exuding Optimism Team Retention


Casey, Stephanie, and Lauren H make up our customer retention team and Sal is glad they do!  They each have an incredible personality that radiates through the phone and into the hearts of our customers.  Not only are they letting our members know how great FurtherEd is and about our offers, but they are on the front-lines of receiving feedback from our members.

Sal can talk about how awesome they are all day, but he wants to focus on the last day in February: They CRUSHED it.  They had 27 sales collectively and had over 200 outbound calls (this was on top of the waves of incoming calls they were handling).

This wasn't just a freak occurrence; it was a strategically calculated plan by Team Retention.

They worked together to figure out when to send blasts, when to switch lists, and when to follow up on certain leads.  They worked hard all of February, staying optimistic throughout, and had an awesome last day of the month!


Driven to Find a Better Way CPE Crew


It is easy to confuse CPE with standing for Continued Persistence & Effort when you see these guys at work.  Whether it is putting together a schedule of all-day broadcasting, locking down new faculty partnerships, adding new courses to the CPE catalog, or sharing ideas for improving the website and building the CPE brand, the CPE team is always in drive.

Due to their relentless pursuit of finding a better way, CPE is growing in popularity and is on its rapid rise to shake up the world of continuing education.  Soon after that, world domination is in their sights.

Their hard work is setting a great benchmark as we continue to launch and expand into new verticals in the future. 


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  • Actively Learning – Meredith
  • Seeking Creative Solutions – Melissa
  • Taking Time to Help Others – Lauren
  • Exuding Optimism - Sigalle
  • Driven to Find a Better Way – 2.Joe

 January 2013 Core Values Newsletter


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