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Ambassador Ann | August 13, 2013

Actively Learning: Jen

Jen b

Taking initiative, Jen went into the web developers' room learn about what they do on a daily basis. She learned all about how they react if ever there's a problem, how 2.Joe makes things work on the front end, and even how Tim/Joe/Mark write things that work on the back end!
Jen is always looking for more information to learn about and how to better herself in the CLE world!
Good on you Jen!  Keep learning in an active manner!


Seeking Creative Solution: Mark

Mark (1)b

So Joe leaves for his Wedding/Honeymoon and asks Mark to handle the big issues while he is gone. Boom! The first day the web developers realize there is a huge issue with the checkout process and a good amount of orders were not fully going through. Mark solved the problem within hours and even created a unique email and landing page for those who ordered but did not pay through this glitch. This will make it easy for us to get our earned revenue. It also leads to creative ideas for personal landing pages for retention and non-customer emails. Way to go Mark! 

Taking Time to Help Others: Casey


Not only is Casey an amazing asset to the marketing department, but she is an incredible partner to many departments in the company. Casey is actively seeking different ways to help the department achieve ambitious goals and is always ready to take on new projects and responsibilities. In addition to her marketing roles, Casey does an incredible job helping the sales/retention team finalize and send out their email blasts. She works quickly and effectively to make sure marketing and sales are positioned for success. She has been SO helpful in coordinating with the sales team to make sure their email blasts go our accurately and on time. Casey is extremely helpful and responsive to all questions and inquiries from Production as well!! We would be lost without her help! Thanks Casey!


Exuding Optimism: Julie

Julie (4)b

Julie is always looking forward to each day and always seeing the bright, positive side of all things. When Julie has an obstacle, she never complains but rather seizes the moment as an opportunity to better herself and make herself stronger. She is the true epitome of exuding optimism and Sigalle many times look to her as an example for her own approaches. Julie is always excited to discuss new opportunities to improve and grow the company and takes the time to help in any way possible.  Julie is always a pleasure to work with and never loses that forward and larger thinking mentality.  JULIE FOR MAYOR!


Driven to Find a Better Way: Meredith & Trish

CV 201307_Meredith & Trish (1)b

Trish, Meredith (and Lauren V) have won this month's award for their work in the CPE verification code extraction.  For those of you that don't know, we have a number of CPE courses that still had the old verification codes in the rebroadcast which was a bit confusing to customers.  They did a great job removing the codes from the videos so the videos look great!




  • Actively Learning – Rob
  • Seeking Creative Solutions – Maverick & Tim
  • Taking Time to Help Others – Trish
  • Exuding Optimism - Lauren H
  • Driven to Find a Better Way – Stephanie

June 2013 Core Values Newsletter


  • Actively Learning – Micah
  • Seeking Creative Solutions – Fannon
  • Taking Time to Help Others – Ann
  • Exuding Optimism - Casey
  • Driven to Find a Better Way – 2.Joe

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