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Ambassador Ann | June 13, 2013

Actively Learning: Micah

Micah1.jpg "The Oprah of FurtherEd"

MICAH & The FurtherEd TV Shows

When FurtherEd TV turned a new corner, Micah jumped in with both feet! Since the re-branding, there has been a steady flow of guest and a brand new weekly season. Micah books & researches amazing guests, hosts the show, and edits it afterwards. It all seems effortlessly. Topics ranging from women issues, educational gaps, to coding, he has been able to enlighten us weekly and bring us together during Thursday lunches.

He’s also been running to the WNYC studio at all hours to make sure we have a new show playing each Sunday. Now that Video Production are moving beyond WNYC, Micah is preparing to set up turn-key recording using the studio cameras. Video Production will also be live webcasting the shows so viewers (in the office & outside) can watch the interviews live.

Thanks Micah!


Seeking Creative Solution: Fannon

Fannon (2) #CPEGod

Mo doesn't know how he does everything that he does for CPE and still manages to be a mentor to Jen and such an upbeat person to work with. From the times Jen did meet with Jeff, she found him very easy to talk to and he helped her adjust to the Furthered work environment.

Jeff is a one man show in CPE.  He handles all the day to day duties with bringing in faculty, maintaining good relationships with them, doing post-production work on each of the courses, and everything that needs to be done. He is a huge asset to CPE marketing as well, with the knowledge of what to send to each state and what offers will work well.  Without Fannon, CPE would be nothing remotely close to what it is today.


Taking Time to Help Others: Ann

Ann flower power "known affectionately as The Office Mommy"

When Ann is not helping? From being the copier whisperer to playing detective to fulfilling random favors, she is always willing. When she isn't in the office, everyone definitely notices it.  

Recently she setup a meeting with Dave and people from Big Brother Big Sisters organization and it could not have went better. In the past Ann has organized career days and a fundraiser with BBBS. Now there are lots of more ways FurtherEd & BBBS can work together to not only help their organization but get new law firm clients. This came from Ann's relentless nature to live our core values and make sure we continued our partnership with this organization.

Now that's the FurtherEd way!


Exuding Optimism: Casey

Casey1.jpg "Woohoo!"

Casey always has a smile on her face and repeatedly goes out of her way to say hello or ask you how you are doing.  She has been extremely positive as she as thrown herself into adwords and other new marketing projects, and when you ask her for help or if something can be done, the answer is always Yes. ""Let's Do This!"" and ""We Rock!"" are just some of the daily pump up quotes coming out of Casey that are getting the Marketing team and the rest of the company pumped up on a regular basis.She has been incredible at being an integral part of each piece of the Marketing process and her enthusiasm keeps the pressure-filled days full of laughs.

When we first started our real estate marketing campaigns, Casey was confident that the emails would connect with customers.  When we sent out our first real estate email and Michele was full of anxiety over whether anyone would respond, Casey skyped Michele immediately to let her know of the first sale and made Michele feel better right away. Thanks Casey for your optimistic nature and for infusing others with your positive beliefs.


Driven to Find a Better Way: 2.Joe

Joe A (3)b "Can code his way out of a problem"

2.Joe was given a challenge to create an email template system so we can better communicate with our customers using Mailchimp. When he built it not only did he trick it as if we were front-end customers, what is under the hood is even better.  He decided to take an extra week to make the product more sustainable for the long-term. Thanks to 2.Joe, Dave knows we will get a lot of use out of it!

Also, Joe2 is always catering to Team Retention's CRM needs and Steph couldn't be more grateful for what him and Joe (Mav) have created for them. It's not easy organizing our customers but everyday something is added to better Team Retention's approach and filtering process.




  • Actively Learning – Fannon
  • Seeking Creative Solutions – 2.Joe
  • Taking Time to Help Others – Julie
  • Exuding Optimism - Mo
  • Driven to Find a Better Way – Maverick Joe

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  • Actively Learning – Meredith
  • Seeking Creative Solutions – Frank
  • Taking Time to Help Others – Blair
  • Exuding Optimism - Malcolm
  • Driven to Find a Better Way – Rich

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