Gamifying Education

Lawline Staff | May 6, 2013

Creative solutions and the better way does not always need to be a brand-new, original idea. Some of the best ideas have come to light by applying scrutiny to the most accepted of conventions and having the bravery to break from the mold. Extra Credits, an incredibly insightful web series about video games, focuses their magnifying glass onto universally accepted methods of educating children. They claim there are "systemic flaws with how we teach kids today" and propose a better--and fun!--way to motivate and educate children: make it like a video game!

Ever played a role-playing game and got hooked on the upwards progress of your character(s)? A child's (and anyone else's!) motivation is stronger and more resilient when it is marked by progress and efficiency rather than the fear of failure. Extra Credits proposes: grade like a role playing game. Instead of students struggling every day to maintain an A+ grade and not fall behind, they can start 0 and grow as their education progresses--in points, in levels, in abilities and in knowledge.

This notion of progress could apply to more than just a student's success in school but also their sense of agency. Many students, especially those from turbulent upbringings, can lose the impression that they are in control of their own choices, decisions and lives. The concepts inherent in games, where your decisions and choices result in tangible outcomes, help impart awareness that a person is in control of his or her own destiny and the choices you make do matter!

These ideas and others are presented in this video in an insightful, practical and entertaining way. A must-see for teachers, students and anyone passionate about education!

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