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Ambassador Ann | November 28, 2011
Over the holidays, Jeff Reekers (COO of Lawline) sent an email to everyone at giving thanks to each person. It is so endearing that I had to share it on the culture condensed form.  He didn't have to do this as a simple Happy Thanksgiving is what people usual say. However, Jeff shared what was in his heart.
Thank you Jeff... We're all thankful to work and share our life with you!!

Jeff Reekers: "...The majority of my life is spent with every single one of you, and I find my life to be an absolute blessing because of it. I want to take a moment to let you all know what I am so thankful for:

Christie and Micah...
I am thankful that in my early days, I sat next to Christie – who from day one I have regarded as an expert in how to handle customers and people in general. I’m thankful that, at the same stage of my career, I had the opportunity to work closely with Micah, who provided me the opportunity to learn the production department from the inside out, and was always so patient despite having so much to do.

Chris, Trisha, and Pam...
I am thankful that every day when I wake up and every night when I go to sleep, that all customers are taken care of and are happy because Chris is there to see to it. I am thankful his passion is a part of our company, and that Trish and Pam are both there assuring everyone is taken care of, even if it requires staying late and cramming Lawline and study time together.

Ann, Anna, Rob, and Matt G. ...
On a similar note, I am thankful that every person – whether a job candidate, faculty member, or someone else, steps into the office, he/she is greeted by Ann’s cheerful spirit.
Few things have made me happier than seeing Anna, who I worked side by side with in her early days, progress from a shyer time to now allowing the world to have a glimpse of just how unbelievably intelligent and talented she is.
I am thankful to having Rob – what we would do without him I am not sure. And speaking of filling gaps, I am so thankful every time I see Matt Gold sign into off hours customer service.

Sal and Mike R.
I am thankful (actually, perhaps more envious) of Sal’s unshakable positive outlook on life and youthful, bright smile.
I am thankful to have gotten to know Mike Rutledge more and more over the past 1.5 years.

Todd, Elliot, Jason, Seth, and David P...
I am thankful that at times that could have been very difficult for the company, Todd’s leadership took over and he has created a foundation for which we are growing a staff of unmatched talent, including Elliot who has been both an asset and a pleasure in his short time thus far. It has also allowed us to invite Jason to the team, whose boldness and confidence in his early work has already shown to be a huge asset intellectually, developmentally, creatively, and inspirationally.
To continue, I am thankful for every Monday and Wednesday, the days we have Seth's skills at hand. Also, David P. whose knowledge makes our site run safe and secure, and whose humor knows no bounds and is able to alleviate stress at times of potential problems.

Ken, Gamal, TT and Corey...
I am thankful to know Ken, whose skill and determination is hard to come by. I am thankful for him and TT, Gamal, and Corey in their ability to lead our staff and our company from our transitional into our 61 Broadway office from our old office.

Stephanie, Jeff, Mike L., Julie ,and Mike F. ...
I am thankful to see Stephanie’s passions come out on a daily basis and to be apart of her positive aura. I can say the same for Julie, Jeff, Mike L, and Mike F., who all seamlessly fit into the culture.  I know this entire group will continue to grow and lead with in addition to the tangible skills of their positions.

Alexa and Sean...
I am thankful for Alexa’s consistency, punctuality, and friendly voice that is matched by her friendly demeanor (have you heard our Lawline Voicemail? It is fantastic!)...
I’ve been thankful for Sean since I first talked with him and that I have witnessed in his time here his ability to be soft-spoken and serious and simultaneously stern and driven.

Michele, Brandon, Sasha, MK, and Nancy...
I am thankful for Michele, who saw something good in me when I first met her.
I am thankful for Brandon for being one of the most creative and intelligent individuals I have come across.
I am thankful to have witnessed Sasha in her Halloween CLE course. Her professionalism, speech, and organization were of a maturity level most seasoned attorney can only dream of having.
I am thankful to MK for reminding me the value of culture...Also, the time and investment he puts into training new members of the staff, such as Nancy, who has pushed our product forward and been nothing but a pleasure with us.

Kyle, Frank, and David...
I am thankful to Kyle, and to see every day his ability to adapt, learn, grow, and drive.
I am thankful to Frank and have been since the day I met him.
I am thankful for Dave and his faith in me (and in all of us) has allowed me the nonstop joy of pursuing my passions and paving the way for me to focus these passions into the centralized mission.

And one last thing…. I am very thankful for ToFurky!"

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