Helping Others - Michael Rutledge

Lawline Staff | May 9, 2011

It is unusual for one employee to have his hand in every aspect of a company. To do so, the person has to be committed to helping anyone whenever needed. There is one example where this can be easily seen: walk into the offices at 61 Broadway and look at the paint job. Every room has a unique and bright color that was masterminded by a single individual. Quite literally, one will immediately see that a team member has indeed had his hand in every area of the company, literally and figuratively, and that person is Michael Rutledge.

The story of the office paint is really a metaphor for Michael’s time at Lawline. Initially, the company decided to create a “Studio” for filming programs, which required moving and reshuffling work areas as well as painting the new studio. Originally, the company decided to hire painters and movers. Michael, however, eagerly said “No need- I’ll do it!”

It was a big job that he began at 9:00 am on a Saturday morning which did not conclude until 1:00 am the next day. Michael refused to leave any spot unpainted nor any desk unmoved.

When Monday morning came, there was a new office and every person was able to start their day without any loss of production. Mike’s ability to take the time to help others continues to push the company forward every day.

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