Observing the Reserve Gold

October 11, 2012

Because we love actively learning, there was a trip to the NY Federal Reserve Bank yesterday for another group of Lawliners. Kamal, Rob, Ryan, Sal, & Todd took a guided tour to the bank of gold.

They all learned that there is more than $365 billion in gold being held in lower Manhattan and Rob observed that there must be at least 3 people in order to enter the gold lockers. The experience of going several stories underneath the subway tracks and entering an airlock vault to actually see a couple of bricks was pretty awesome - you can quote Sal on that.

Ryan thought the tour was super informative and suggest that more people should definitely take the guided tour, if only for the first 20 minutes where the guide takes the time to dispel every myth and misconception about the Federal Reserve.

Of course stacks upon stacks of gold bricks is super impressive to look (not touch) upon.  Unfortunately Rob wasn't given a souvenir.


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