Holiday Cheer

Lawline Staff | December 16, 2015

What’s the holiday season without a little cheer and a lot of party? Last week, Lawline celebrated the holiday season and the end of a successful 2015 with a holiday bash, eating all sorts of delicious food and making, arguably, good music. Before leaving the office, we had our secret santa exchange. Suffice to say, everyone's gift was the prefect match. Walking into the venue of our holiday party, I didn’t know what to expect. Tall tales were woven of parties of the past, several too unbelievable to believe. By the end of the night though, I not only believed in those past tales, but had several of my own to tell; stories of great karaoke song choices and plenty of soulful, occasionally off-key, crooning. A team can never purport to be a team until they have shared the experience that is karaoke.

More importantly than just a celebration of our successes and a chance to become the karaoke version of Beyoncé for a night, the party was a way to bring Lawliner’s and their significant others together outside of a work environment. You can learn a lot about your colleagues by collaborating on projects and seeing them everyday at the office, but something about sushi, Korean fried chicken, and bibimbap creates a different sort of camaraderie that can be made in the presence of good food and hungry stomachs. Following a night full of laughter, I left with two things stuck in my head, a continuous loop of “I’m sorry Miss Jackson ooh, I am for real” and a feeling of embodiment of our core value, play - “We have fun. We never take ourselves too seriously.”


2015 Holiday Party (2) The Lawline Crew on stage

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