How Much Is Too Much Technology?

With 2012 coming to a close, progression in technology is still full steam ahead! With the advent of the IPhone 5, I thought to show the video produced by Google for their launch of Google Glasses. This new spin on smart technology has now transformed smart phones to smart “glasses”. Google created a line of glasses that connects the user with what they see to features that help simplify everyday life. Features like GPS, transportation updates, schedules, as well as the occasional phone call to a friend. But how simple is too simple?

After the Lawline team watched the video, I asked the question “is this too much reliance on technology?” Are we allowing technology to make us so dependent on it that we lessen our problem solving skills? Or is technology sparking a more fierce connection between one’s environment and our gadgets and gizmos aplenty? The choice is up to you! Lawliners expressed both sides of this technological coin. With 2013 right around the corner (hopefully the Mayans were wrong), we can ask, “what’s next?” Google Contacts? We shall see- pun intended.

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