How to Build a Successful Company Culture

Some people hate their job, but here at Lawline we are lucky to have people who are intensely passionate about building a strong cohesive culture and making this a great place to work. A great company culture is not something that just "happens," it is designed. And Lawline CEO David Schnurman has put a lot of thought into designing a strong company culture based on a collaborative fun environment full of people who like to be challenged, and has been recognized for his ideas most recently by the Fox Small Business Center.

In his recent article on the Fox Small Business Center, David writes about the difficult process of creating a collaborative and challenging environment. He gives examples of things he has done to create this kind of environment that we see on a daily basis here at Lawline.

The result? David said and I think we would all echo that "We are fortunate to now have successfully achieved a fun atmosphere where our employees come early, act professional, exude positive energy, and feel committed to the success of the company, while always pushing each other to find a better way to accomplish our goals."

Read the full article "How to Build a Successful Company Culture" on the Fox Small Business Center Here

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