In The Eyes Of The Beholders

Ambassador Ann | July 31, 2012

Nancy: For my morning presentation today, a little birdie whispered in my ear, and I was able to get ahold of "Zoom," by Istvan Banyai. A rather uneventful book, but filled with pictures. No text, just pictures. It's actually a pretty cool book even without the need for words. Each page is a picture, and each picture progressively zooms out until you get a pinprick of an Earth (the planet) on a sheet of black. The point of the activity is the photocopy the pictures, scramble them up -- and then put them back in chronological order.

Since each picture gives you small clues as to its previous picture, it takes awhile, but with some creative thinking and collaboration, you can make it happen.

So everyone got 2 pictures and we all had one conference table. Many heated collaborations and conversations later, the (approximately) 30 page spread was laid out on the table and we went through it carefully, trying to determine the exact order. About 15 minutes later, we had it all assembled! And success! Seeking creative solutions and driven to find a better way. How did we seek creative solutions? It takes a bit of creativity to think outside the box and see the "bigger" picture -- which, in this case, was actually the next image in the ensemble. Driven to find a better way? If the shoe don't fit, find another one. There were definitely a few hiccups where the picture "worked," but didn't exactly work and so we would have to find a better option.

But, we got it! So yay teamwork! And yay for perspective images!

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