Ambassador Ann | February 22, 2012

In October 2011, Lawline.com released its newest subscription form of Lifetime CLE. Priced at $799, it opened up a great opportunity for customers to receive our product at a low cost. Though it is a great offer, two things brought on a challenge

  1. Change is always hard, and we have focused on selling 1-2 year subscriptions over the past few years.
  2. Though the price is small for lifetime, it is still a large upfront cost.

Corey saw this as a great opportunity, however, to reach his monthly goals at a faster rate. For customers that purchased the unlimited subscriptions, he went for upgrades. For customers that were interested, he carried the conversation forward by introducing the product. He did not push the product toward anyone, rather, he creatively wove the new price and offer into his discussions and used his intuition to target opportunities.

This has led him to a team leading amount of lifetime sales, along with keeping him atop the leaderboards over the past few months. Over the past few months Corey has continuously set the bar for the Lawline sales team through following his creative intuition on the phone in optimizing his performance with Lifetime CLE.

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