January Spotlight: Kyle - HELPING OTHERS

Ambassador Ann | February 22, 2012

If you look around the office and the activities going on in each department, there is a good chance you have seen Kyle nearby. He has put his hands into nearly every aspect of the company through a desire to help in every aspect he can.

In our efforts in corporate sales, for example, you can find him going on a sales trip with Ken and providing the support and knowledge of our company’s programming. During Dave’s presentations and webcasts on company culture, you can see him on screen providing insights.

With hiring, you can see him taking on a full-fledged effort to find the perfect new recruits for our production department, including our staffing in Florida. In marketing, he allots his feedback and corrections on our email newsletters regarding our customers, and has actively brought out our “free credit” campaign in which faculty can distribute their courses to whoever for free. Further, in the AM huddles, Kyle can be found as leading the discussions and the daily reviews, getting the team prepared for the day ahead.

These are only a few of the areas he can be found, and a complete list would not fit this section of the newsletter. His ability to help the company in every aspect has allowed us to move ahead in every department.

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