January Spotlight: Sal - OPTIMISM

Ambassador Ann | February 22, 2012

There has been a lot of change in Sal’s room over the past few months; however, the single constant throughout has been his optimistic outlook.

Sal has continued to be a driving factor in the company’s shift in its Lifetime CLE campaign. Every day he consistently provides feedback on customer reactions and continues to find ways to optimize the product.

This optimism and consistency in performance has led Sal to raise Customer Outreach to his level. With recent changes in the department, Sal’s presence leaves an aura of success and optimism regarding the coming months. Even in the most recent days where he has been solo in his efforts, he has continued his consistent attitude and perhaps even brought it out more fully through his adaptability in training new hires, answering CS calls, and overall doing everything needed to help the company.

With his leadership and presence through this optimism, the Customer Outreach department is one that is going to have very rapid and immediate growth over the next few months.

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