JEFF R: August's Winner of the “Seeking Creative Solutions"

Ambassador Ann | October 10, 2012

Jeff decided after all Q2 meetings with employees to Seek A Creative Solution in coming up with a Quarterly Plan.

After the last quarterly review meetings Jeff left without feeling complete.  He felt there was something missing from his one on one conversations with employees.  As we all know, Jeff is not one to let a problem repeat itself.

Right away, Jeff started working on a solution and he found a great one.  He worked with everyone to come up with 60 day goals for each person.  He put it on paper and on the bottom added the company goals in the 60 day plan so each person could see how their goals tie into the company goals.

Now we all have clear direction as to what needs to be completed before the big October 31st deadline.  Now that is a creative solution!

Previous Months' CV Awards - Seeking Creative Solutions

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