JOE: December's Winner of "Taking Time To Help Others"

Ambassador Ann | January 18, 2013

Joe has earned a new nickname at FurtherEd; The Closer. Why? First, we needed to take a step back and see how busy we have been the past few months in development. We currently have 5 major projects going on at once including:

1) FurtherEd Private Label headed by Todd, 2) New Real Estate Course Center headed by Tim, 3) headed by Seth, 4) New Credit Card Processor headed by Elliot, 5) New Video Saving and Encoding features headed by Joe.

Each one of these takes planning, focus, and execution. Just like a close baseball game, you can play great for 8 straight innings but without a great closer, it becomes a lot difficult to always ensure a win. Joe in the past month has stepped in last minute to help the Todd and the private label get to phase 1 and Tim and Real Estate launch phase 1.

His willingness to help (albeit after a little sarcasm) is always there and makes a big difference. We  look forward to seeing his record grow as we continue to build our technology over the next year.

Previous Months’ CV Awards – Taking Time To Help Others

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