John McEnroe now has our Core Values Card

David Schnurman | July 15, 2011

Last night I attended a Ping Pong event held by Entrepreneurs Organization, which I have been a member for the past two years.  On my way home some guy saw my paddles and started asking a bunch of questions.  It turns out it was John McEnroe and he is playing in ping pong tournament next week at Spin. I gave him one of the paddles as he said he would use it the tournament.

Of course I used it as an opportunity to spread the word about our Core Values.  I gave him a card and took him through them. I took a photo with him, while he had the card the wrong way and its hardly in the photo, I felt good that I was able to keep spreading the word.

Always carry the core values card on you as you never know who you will meet.

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