KAMAL: August's Winner of the “Actively Learning”

Ambassador Ann | October 10, 2012

If you look at the history of Lawline.com’s Off Hours Customer Support you will learn about a bunch of dedicated employees who worked crazy hours to make sure every customer got the appropriate attention in a timely fashion.

In the summer of 2012 it finally came time to hire someone who was dedicated to the “Off Hours” time slot of 2pm-10pm as the “second shift” of support.

Kamal has done an amazing job with the new off hours position and has mastered the customer support role in record time!  He has helped free up other support rep’s time and has made their mornings completely different.

When our ticket system, Zendesk, is opened in the morning it is an amazing feeling to know everyone who had questions the night before has been satisfied!

Previous Months' CV Awards - Actively Learning

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