Lawline Team Building Event

Lawline Staff | May 9, 2011

Lawline stepped out of the office early on Friday afternoon to tackle some of the tallest indoor rock climbing walls in Brooklyn!

The company's latest Team Building Event featured employees pairing up to take part in a race up the wall for a $200 gift certificate. While only one team came away the prize, everyone had a blast and got to enjoy a day of laughing and climbing.

"When we were trying to figure out what our next Team Building Event should be, we wanted to do choose something that was different," said David Schnurman, President of Lawline, "We are a different company. We are always looking to find a better way. And this type of activity makes you think outside the box as you figure out the fastest way to the top of the wall."

All Lawline employees were given a Core Values card, individualized to each employee, which described the meaning behind the company's mission: To become the universal standard for continuing education - one market, one state, one course at a time.

The company also shared with everyone the very first Lawline Core Values Newsletter. Five employees were highlighted in each category of actively learning, seeking creative solutions, taking time to help others, exuding optimism, and driven to find a better way.

"It is an honor to be put into the very first Core Values Newsletter," said Christie LaBarca, Director of Customer Relations, "Building a team that has revolved around our customers had helped us to grow into what we are today, and will propel us in the future."

What's next up for Lawline and Team Building? Stay tuned to find out!

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