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Lawline Staff | March 14, 2012

Culture Blog and Book

One of the most important parts of's culture is showing the world what we are all about.

By creating a Culture Blog, employees have the ability to post anything affiliated with the company including their experiences, new ideas, and lessons learned through collaboration. Every morning during the Morning Huddle, an employee is assigned to give a 10 minute presentation on anything; Ted videos, personal interests or hobbies, or organize a quick activity. Following the Huddle, the employee posts a summary of their presentation on the blog. This allows the world a sneak-peak into the offices on a daily basis.

Some job candidates have asked me before, "Is your company really as cool as it seems on your Culture Blog?"

The answers is pretty simple. Once a candidate comes into our offices for an interview they get to witness it first hand and we let them be the judge!

The Culture Book is another example of how we document our company culture and environment. We ask all employees every six months to tell us what's culture means to them. They submit a few paragraphs that go untouched into the culture book which is published semi-annually.

For us, the Culture Blog and Culture Book allow for a transparent view of the company. It also allows us to see where we can improve. In one of our more recent Culture Book submissions we had an employee say they loved working here but they wished the snacks in the Idea Room didn't run out so quickly. In response to that, we installed snack jars on the wall which are filled daily!

To us it is simple: The more feedback we ask for from our employees, the more we can improve our business, culture, and company!

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