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Lawline Staff | February 7, 2012


During each interview employees will measure 5 core qualities of the candidate. These qualities are not something that will change or improve much if the candidate is brought on for the position. A sheet of paper with each quality is given to each interviewer to fill out following the interview.

PLAID is the acronym we use.


Each candidate is scored on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the highest score. Professionalism, likeable, and articulate do not have specific questions to rate each candidate. These are subjective to each interviewer and are scored based on the candidate's performance during the interview. One question we put on each employee's PLAID form to fill out during the interview is 'Would you want to work with this person?'.

Intelligence is based off of the behavioral questions asked during the interview. We use many examples to see what the candidate would do in real Lawline scenarios such as assisting customers. Driven is very similar with behavioral questions, but it is also based upon a candidate's resume (and extracurricular participation in college if an entry level candidate).

Through using PLAID, we have raised the quality of new employees. We also streamlined part of our hiring process to ensure there is a standard to go by.

PLAID has allowed our company culture to evolve and become stronger with the hiring of each new employee!

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