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Lawline Staff | January 27, 2012 Core Values

What makes Lawline's Core Values unique?

Our Core Values were created over time and took many different versions to finally come up with the list of five. It began when we started developing our hiring and application process. We tried to brainstorm the qualities our top employees embodied which would then be used to recruit the same type of "A Players".

David came back with an idea of using the acronym "LAIDS", which stood for: Likeable, Articulate, Intelligent, Driven, and Sociable. Each of our top employees scored a 5 out of 5 on the LAIDS scale. This helped our recruiting process because after each interview, the interviewee would have to score the candidate on LAIDS.

After improving the hiring process with this scoring technique, we sat down and started brainstorming our Core Values from LAIDS. The goal of having our Core Values has been to hire candidates who we feel embody these values on a daily basis, even if they do not realize it. We finalized the following:

- Actively Learning
- Seeking Creative Solutions
- Taking Time to Help Others
- Exuding Optimism
- Driven to Find a Better Way

To make this official, new hires are given a Core Values Card with their name on it which they are to hold onto daily. We also have our Core Values hung up in our offices (in the Idea Room which is where the snacks and coffee are located) for everyone to see. Every month a Core Values Newsletter is printed up, highlighting employees who have gone above and beyond the Core Values.

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