Lawline's 5-Year Time Capsule!

Ambassador Ann | October 3, 2012

The Next Best Thing Since Pandora's Box

Since last Friday morning, Brandon has the office setting up a time capsule that will be opened in 5 years. Since the company is going through some amazing growth right now, he thought it would be an exciting idea to have everyone share their vision of where the company would be in 5 years. On a piece of paper we wrote:

  1. Our Name
  2. Our Job Position
  3. Where We See The Company In 5 Years
  4. Anything We Wanted To Share With Our Future Self/Generation

In addition, there are items we put in the time capsule such business cards, core value cards, and other items that relate to our job and our time here at Lawline.The time capsule will be locked for good on this Friday, 10/6/2012!

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