Leaving Fall Behind

Ambassador Ann | April 22, 2013

Can't you smell it? Spring is in the air! Usually people take this time to do some spring cleaning in their home. However, three co-workers (Lauren, Micah, Trish) and myself decided nature needed it too. This past Saturday, we participated in the New York Cares Spring Day in Cunningham Park, the fourth largest park in Queens.

Volunteers were needed there to rake the leaves and paint benches and tables. Our group didn't get a chance to show off our Picasso skills but definitely had the fallen leaves something to be scared off.  The day threaten to rain but the sun came out instead and shone on a fresher, cleaner park.

Trish Tying The Trash bag Tightly.
(say that 5x fast)

"Whistle While Your Work"

Best Time to Answer Movie Trivia







ALL Done!
The bags of leaves also doubled as a beanbag chair.



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