Less is More!

Ambassador Ann | December 2, 2011

This morning, Rob showed us that you don't have to be materialistic to enjoy life.
"What does it take to make someone happy? A brand new car, an 80” TV, a mansion on the beach? Some people think that material things are all that matter in life, but sometimes that is not the case. The simplest things in life can often make someone happy, and they are often the most meaningful. We should always look to see what can make us happy and whether or not those things will be as meaningful to us in the future. This is often a tough a question for us to answer, but it can be the key to everlasting happiness."

Before Rob presented, I played a song of Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross' called Best Things In Life Are Free.
You can tell from the title that the song really goes along with what Rob explained.

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