Mandatory Company Meeting

Ambassador Ann | December 9, 2015

What a meeting at Dave & Buster's! The teamwork was amazing. Conference Room Crushers (CRC) and Terrible Twos (T2s) were at every each of the "board room", inputting hard work and long hours as often as possible. Hidden talents were revealed; skills were strengthen.

Though it was close, the T2s acquired 6,324 tickets while CRC acquired 5,640 tickets which is still impressive. Our MVP was Devin of CRC with 3,376 tickets. Runner up was M.Corsey of T.T. with 2,190.

All and all I would call our off-site meeting a success. Keep up the good work!

Cheers with Steph, Devin, and Casey!


Nothing's getting past Sigalle and Shaun!


Dan, Alison, and Damian had a blast!


Mike S. trying to get ahead of David.


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