Many Zombies, Four Groups, One Space Shuttle

Ambassador Ann | December 10, 2012

Melissa: For my morning presentation, I wanted to plan an activity that would get everyone's minds and bodies energized for the day. We broke up into 4 teams, the activity was as follows:

The zombie apocalypse has begun, rendering the world inhabitable for humans. Most have fled to a space community, but we here at Lawline have stayed behind for as long as possible to keep working! There is one last shuttle leaving today, and there is only room for one group.

Their Mission:
Each group has 5 minutes to find 3 items in the office that will be most useful for this new space community. The group who come up with the best items will gain access onto the shuttle!

One group brought hand sanitizers, iPad, and matches. The winning group, Team 3, bought a first aid kit, a rubber band ball and a statue of an eagle! The eagle as a keepsake for the US, the ball is a weapon, and who doesn't need a first aid kit.

The activity's purpose was to get everyone energized for the day by working as teams towards a common goal. I also wanted everyone to get together and think creatively- each group came up with really great ideas!

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