Ambassador Ann | May 2, 2012

There are many many examples of how Rob takes the time to help other but for the sake not writing an essay, two examples are shared.
1-Sean recently started doing off hours and had a lot of questions during his first night. He had to call Rob a bunch of times with many questions. Rob took the time to explain everything to Sean in great detail. Since Sean started in August Rob always been there to help with any questions Sean has about the site or anything in general.

2-Over one weekend, Rob single-handedly set up the Production Department's new office.  When they walked in on Monday morning, not only were the desks, phones, computers, and printer fully functional, there was nary a stray wire in sight.  Rob's great work on our the office has provided inspiration to the entire Production team (and all those who visit us in this office like Chris) to think of new creative ways to sell our product to our customers.

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