MICAH & MELISSA: July's Winner of the “Taking Time To Help Others”

Ambassador Ann | August 9, 2012

In Kenneth’s first month here, Melissa and Micah have repeatedly gone out of their respective ways to ensure that Kenny was brought up to speed and felt comfortable in all aspects of video production.

Because of the considerable time they have contributed to guaranteeing that his Lawline video production education was meaningful, iterative and replete with constant feedback and discussion, he feels as though he has been set on track to become an adaptive, creative and intellectually curious video editor and not simply an editing and filming automation.

Their commitment to having Kenny take ownership over his role, and not simply be taught in a rote manner, has contributed greatly to making Kenny’s Lawline experience thus far exceptional and inspiring. Whether accompanying Kenny to Tuesday after hours Bridge the Gap live sessions or assisting him with live webcasts, they have been incredible mentors and guides.

Micah and Melissa have quite literally taken multiple hours out of their past few weeks to help Ken and he could not recommend them more to be honored for embodying the “T” in ASTED during the month of July.

Previous Months' CV Awards - Taking Time To Help Others

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