MIKE S: October's Winner of "Taking Time To Help Others"

Ambassador Ann | November 19, 2012

Mike has been with the company for over two years and has proven he can do way more than just sell!

While on the phone, Mike is always thinking of others.  If an attorney he is speaking to is not interested in purchasing, he’s never afraid to ask if they would be interested in teaching a course for FurtherEd.  Just last month he spoke to Jill Miller over the phone about the opportunity.

The conversation went so smoothly Mike was able to get our Program Attorney Sigalle on the line and made an introduction.  Since then Jill Miller has done a live event for us and will soon be teaching another one!

Finding someone Mike cannot strike up a conversation with has yet to be discovered.  The man is a natural networker with an ability to hold a conversation at any dinner party.

Previous Months’ CV Awards – Taking Time To Help Others

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