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Lawline Staff | October 4, 2011

I promised more and finally I am delivering. In case you missed it check out my first batch of Lawline titles here.

Rob J. – Office Ninja

Rob was recently featured on the Core Values Newsletter for helping others. Just as his entry says he is everywhere. Helping people move, being a self-made IT wiz and of course making spreadsheets that make my head hurt. Yet Rob has some skills that I have no idea where he picked them up, he is a master in stealth. I cannot count the number of times where I am having conversation with Rob or I ask him a question only to turn around and notice he is no longer in the room, reappearing later after completing yet another task to help Lawline run smoothly.

Frank F. – The Set Up

If Lawline was Ocean’s Eleven Frank would be George Clooney. He watches all the angles making sure his move is precise in advancing Lawline’s goals. He knows when to help out but he also knows when to just sit back and allow someone to take charge. He enables us to contribute to this here "engine that could".

Ken P. – The Entertainer

One look at Ken’s headshot and you will know that Ken does something on the side, he entertains. He has managed though to bring in his other career into Lawline. Ken makes us all laugh. From his George Bush Impression to his adventures in Jr. High bathrooms, told in his stand up, Ken makes sure to make all have a good time. Sometimes Ken just walks into the CS room tells a couple jokes makes us laugh and then gets right back selling CLE. He enjoys entertaining us just as much as we enjoy hearing his jokes.

If you guys notice anything title worthy from your colleagues let me know! See you guys in the next installment of Lawline titles.

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