Namaste, It's Yoga Time!

Ambassador Ann | July 12, 2013's Monday around 4:00pm and several co-workers are missing from their desks. Initially you might think they all were kidnapped. However, this is FurtherEd so of course they were in the in-office yoga class! We transformed our studio into...well, a different type of studio. The instructor, Evalena, was beyond awesome and everyone had a great session.


Feedback from the yoga students:

  • Sigalle: "Loved it - loved the instructor and loved the time we did it as well."
  • Meredith: "It was my first time taking a real yoga class. I was nervous because I'm not a particularly flexible or agile athlete, and didn't think I'd be able to really do most of the poses. The instructor not only made me feel at ease with my personal skill level, but she also helped me correct my posture so that I could excel at each of the poses. I never did work up the courage or strength to go into the handstand, so that will be a goal for next time! After it was over I felt simultaneously relaxed and energized. It was a really great way to finish off a Monday."



Yoga 20130708 (2)b Yoga is about to begin!
(clockwise: Mike, Steph, Lauren, Meredith, Trisha)


Yoga 20130708 (11) men The guys in Modified Crescent Lunge pose.
(clockwise: David, mark, Rich, & Mike)




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