Needle In A Haystack

Ambassador Ann | September 17, 2012

Patricia: This morning I decided to play Needle in A Haystack. It was something that my sorority sisters and I did one year for recruitment to get to know our potential pledges. Since I couldn't bring a haystack to work, I put push pins in a box instead.

There where several different color push pins and each color represented a question. These questions where supposed to be answered by the person who picked the pin and then in turn they could ask another person the same question. I found the questions online or per conversations I had with people. Here is the break down I had:

  • White: What is your first memory?
  • Blue: What smell automatically brings back a memory?
  • Green: Talk or Text?
  • Red: What would be your theme song when you walk into a room?
  • Silver: What scares you?
  • Off white: Favorite artist?
  • Black: Pixar or Dreamworks?

You can have as many colors as you like and make up whatever questions you like. It is a fun way to get to know people because they don't know what question they will get and it interesting to hear what they will say.

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