November Spotlight: Jeff Fannon - HELPING OTHERS

Ambassador Ann | November 30, 2011

The sales team has been watching videos by sales expert Jack Daly to get some tips on improving their technique. Jeff Fannon took Jack's advice, decided to help others instead of just pitching them, and wound up with a sale and a great conversation.

Jeff was on the phone with an attorney, going through his normal cadence of information.  Once he struck up some interest the attorney, driving at the time, said it would be great to get an email with this information and he would take a look.

The attorney gave his email address, ",” and stated the meaning behind email address was very important to him. While the attorney was explaining Jeff jumped on Google to look up the meaning behind "Darrow Disciple". The next words out of the attorneys mouth was, "Now I'm going to quiz you...any idea what my email address is in reference to?"

Jeff replied that it had to do with the famous attorney, Clarence Darrow.  The attorney started laughing saying this truly made his day. No one ever knew the reference to it in the past!  This changed the conversation from your average sales call to a great conversation. Jeff made the attorney's day by going above and beyond, and helped brighten his day!

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