November Spotlight: Stephanie Paeprer - SEEKING CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

Ambassador Ann | November 30, 2011

We can all acknowledge that social media is an integrated part of our lives today. At the office, yes, there is always skepticism on the “productivity” related to being on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Stephanie, however, took that notion and turned it around 180 degrees.

Stephanie Paeprer loves social media. She’s said it in her initial interview, and she has said it since. What Stephanie, did, however, was seek a creative way to integrate her passion with the needs of the company. has a great culture, however, there wasn’t yet a Twitter account for it. Within her first few days in the company, Stephanie created an account on Twitter for LawlineCulture and raised a significant following while still meeting all her daily goals in her role.

Her passion expanded to her creating a social networking aspect to the Lawline faculty awards (search #facultyevent2011) and added a component that took the culture into the event. Stephanie’s ability to integrate her passion with where is going and what its needs are, and being able to identify this and take action, is truly unique... plus we all love seeing the next Tweet!

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