Ambassador Ann | October 19, 2011

In the AM Huddle, there was a recent presentation featured Arnold Schwarzeneggar. In the video, Arnold gave across one message:

In life, there is no maybe. You have to want to achieve, and you have to take action.

With any motivation clip, it hit homes with others, and some, not so much. Certainly, Gamal took this message home and has acted upon his wants to create unique solutions. He has actively expanded his role, on his own, in a number of ways.

First, Gamal volunteered  to take on weekend and off-hours customer service. He also began to propose marketing initiatives and create outlines of potential benefits for the company outside of his current role. This was in addition to greater initiatives in sales, in which put together nightly recaps and frequent meeting topics. None of this was asked, but because there was a real need laying present in the organization, Gamal has not only begun to define it, he has actively stood up and sough a solution: his own actions.

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