October Spotlight: Sal - OPTIMISM

Ambassador Ann | October 19, 2011

With the CLE industry as competitive as it is, having customers come return and creating loyalty is a large task. Recently, Lawline.com sought a special individual to take on the responsibility. After months of search, Lawline.com found its person: Sal.

In his initial “test day,” Sal reached a customer that was upset with the service (yes, it happens every once in a while). This was the perfect test to see how he would react. He could have got nervous, angry, or afraid and he could have reacted in many ways of which, on an average case, would be a normal reaction.

Sal, however, apologized to the customer, said he would do everything to appease him, and followed through. After the conversation, when asked about the experience, Sal smiled and said “I’m glad I could help appease him and it’ll help me for next time as well.”

That optimism is truly something rare.

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