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Ambassador Ann | February 17, 2016

It was recently announced that Lawline made the list of the 2016 Best Companies to Work for in New York State! This decision was determined through the results of a survey sent to Lawliners who gave their reviews of the company anonymously. However, it's not a secret how everyone feels here. After making the short-list, we were sent a questionnaire to fill out. This wasn't just answered by our leaders, but by Lawliners in all departments. Here were our thoughts on our company:

1. What is your company’s formal mission? Briefly explain the service(s) and/or product(s) that your company provides.  

lawline sans wordLawline’s mission is to provide attorneys with a simple accessible way to complete their continuing education requirements and aid in their overall professional development.  Lawline does this by providing attorneys throughout the country with great legal content taught by leading experts in their fields via online live webcasts and on-demand programs.

2. What three adjectives would you use to describe your company culture? Briefly describe or give examples of why you chose those words/phrases.   

  • create-roundCreative: At its core, Lawline is a creative company. All of our content is designed by our in-house attorneys who co-produce programs with the nation’s top legal minds. We also have an in-house development team that both created and supports our entire website.  Additionally, our developers are presently preparing to launch a new exciting updated version of our website.  Our marketing team’s goal is to create new and exciting ways to market our content.   
  • grow-roundGrowing:  Everyday, our employees grow professionally as they perfect new skills in their departments.  Additionally, Lawline hosts a BetterBook Club in which each quarter employees read business books, submit book reports, and then have a fun book club lunch to discuss what they learned and how it applies to their specific roles and the company.  The leadership team is also working with a business coach to help grow themselves and all of the Lawline team members, and in turn financially grow the business.  
  • care-roundCaring: It is our mission this year to gear all of our departments - not just our fantastic Customer Service team - to understand what it means to truly care about our customer.  The goal is to make our customers’ lives easier with every decision we make, at all levels.  Similarly, the entire Lawline team cares for each other and have each other’s backs.  The interactive events we participate in and our weekly team lunches are our way of showing it.  When it comes to our employees caring about each other, it is evident in the way they assist when someone needs help, whether it be with work or in life.  

3. How have your HR policies and programs contributed significantly to the long-term capacity of your organization to respond and adapt to changing environments? Provide examples of your company’s innovative HR practices that have had a substantial and positive impact on company performance or bottom line.

Growth_Summit_2015_(4)Lawline provides highly subsidized gym membership, three weeks vacation for new employees and over four weeks for more senior employees, access to excellent health benefits, and a standard life insurance policy as a part of the benefits package.  We also encourage a work from home day weekly.  We made the decision to adapt to our employees’ needs last year when we joined a PEO, allowing us to provide these increased benefits to our team.  Our employees have continually stated that the change was positive and beneficial to their well-being, which in turn improves the overall well-being of the company.  In addition, we have adapted and fine-tuned our on-boarding process in the past year, making for much happier and better acclimated new employees.  

 4. What reputation would you like your company to have in your community? What is your company’s philosophy on corporate responsibility to the community? What has been the most meaningful/enjoyable part of your company’s community involvement?

BBBS RFK 2015 (5)aLawline’s relationship with the greater NYC community is very important to the company.  It demonstrates this by giving back to the surrounding community in many ways.  One example is its participation in the Ladders for Leaders internship program in which Lawline team members from all departments mentor students from underprivileged areas.  Lawline also raises money for and participates in the Big Brother NYC race each year. Further, all Lawline employees donated gifts as part of the Winter Wishes program of NYC.   Additionally, our team of attorneys focuses much of their attention on important areas of the law such as Child Advocacy, Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights, and Animal Law.  We have also worked on several pro bono initiatives to offer certain important courses gratis to customers.  Finally, Lawline team members have partnered with local high schools to visit students and share information about how they chose their career paths. 

5. What is the most popular HR practice or benefit your company provides? Describe one distinctive perk or benefit your employees receive. (The more unique or fun, the better!)

Dave&Busters-CFC_vs_TTs_(12)While our team bonding events, such as Dave and Busters team building “mandatory meetings” and after-work fun (including attending Mets games and trying to “Escape the Room”) are some of our more unique perks, employees have shared that their most popular benefit is our weekly lunches.  We provide different, predominantly healthy options every Thursday, being sure to account for the vegetarian/vegan and carnivorous crowds alike.  We all take a moment to sit together, eat, and talk about life, music, movies, the news; something to truly disengage for a brief period of time.  

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