OPTIMISM Core Value Spotlight: Gamal Breedy

Lawline Staff | June 10, 2011

Gamal Breedy started at Lawline in January with little sales experience.  This was his first full time position and he was looking forward to learning about the sales process.  As with any new salesperson, Gamal experienced the usual “growing pains” of building a pipeline in new markets.  He saw a drop in his sales from March to April and he took it upon himself to improve his results for May. 

When management asked what he thought of his opportunities in May, Gamal responded:

“I can’t say I will definitely hit my goal for this month, but I can guarantee I will have a positive attitude and work as hard as I can to hit it."
What happened next? Gamal set a career high in sales for the month!  He had promised he would have an optimistic mindset for the entire month, and that attitude led him to do what was needed to hit his goal.

Gamal is proof that an optimistic attitude leads to confidence, sales, and success!

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