Optimism - Guy Halperin

Lawline Staff | May 9, 2011

The key to success in sales is keeping a positive mental attitude at all times, especially after hearing the word “no” over and over. The best salesmen and women know that the next yes could be in the following call and always continue to contact new customers despite the “no’s.”

Having a consistently optimistic attitude helps maintain one’s mental equilibrium in all areas of life, and the ability to do this in the face of adversity is something that Guy Halperin exudes every day.

In October 2010, Guy joined Lawline’s California Deadline team. He started out with a top selling month of 56 sales. Soon after, in January 2011, he completed 90 sales in a single month - a number that surpassed the entire sales from outbound calls from 2009.

In February, Guy had a serious operation which took him out of the office for the entire month. Yet, that has not changed his positive attitude and Guy continues to make his calls from home and moreover he stays atop of the leader board.

When one has the optimism of Guy Halprin, the next victory is always just one call away.

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