Pair Up

Ambassador Ann | April 24, 2012

Last Thursday, Jeff Fann, an intern for the Production Department, presented on his last day here. We'll miss him around here. Thanks for your hard work Jeff F!

Jeff Fann: For my last day at Lawline, I decided to just go with something lighthearted and fun. Inspirational is always great but sometimes it's helpful just to let loose and laugh. I decided to play a game wherein people would get pieces of paper with the name of an animal and, acting as that animal, would have to locate similar "animals" in the room.

As predicted, things got wacky pretty quickly and I was happy to see everyone was taking on their new roles enthusiastically. The highlight of the entire exercise came from Micah. Not knowing how many people would show up, I made more pieces of paper than there were participants. Micah (who I believe was a frog) turned out to be the only frog and spent the entire time hopping around looking for his fellow frogs to no avail. Oh, and of course there was Kyle pretending to be a pigeon with no partner as well. Thanks Lawline for the fun times!

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