Pay It Forward

Ambassador Ann | November 17, 2011

This Wednesday, Mike expressed how helping goes a long way.

Mike L. : "The video I chose is entitled “Pay It Forward”, and it demonstrates our core value, Taking Time to Help Others. As all of you already know, I am the “new guy” here at Lawline. Over the past two weeks, everyone has been extremely helpful as I am becoming more accustomed to the company and my daily routine. Whether it takes two or twenty minutes of one’s time, helping one another truly goes a long way. The benefit is not expecting anything in return, but to hope that the person you lent a helping hand to will do the same for another individual. My friend told me yesterday how she dropped her watch down a storm sewer on her way to work. Immediately, her first thought was that she’d never see her piece of jewelry again. She sought help in the local grocery store, and to her surprise, three gentlemen opened up the sewer cap and retrieved the watch. She was inspired to practice the same type of kindheartedness and pass it on to others. As in the video, we all should pay it forward, whether it is in or outside the workplace because an act of kindness can really make the difference in one’s day."

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