Pay It Forward

Taking time to help others is something that people should do more of and something I take pride in doing. In todays world, you never really know when you may have to rely on someone's generosity, as every year there are more natural disasters like Katrina or the tornado in Oklahoma or financial crisis like the recession. These events leave their mark not only on the people who have lost so much, but on everyone who have witnessed their destruction. The good thing is that there are many ways we can help each other besides donating supplies or sending money. The easiest way is by committing an act of kindness.

An act of kindness is very simple, it can be anything from giving someone a high five, opening a door for someone, or just telling someone they are beautiful. These simple gestures cost nothing and can change a person's day! In 2000 the movie "pay it forward" showed us that even children can change the world, just by doing something nice for someone else. Check out the click below:

Remember an act of kindness does not have to be complicated, but just in case you need a few ideas check out the links below:




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