Picnic Paradise

Kathleen Boyle | August 22, 2016

An early-afternoon picnic, at a scenic park, on a beautiful Friday in August? One might think that sounds like a fantastic way for a company to celebrate a great year… and one would be so right!


On Friday, August 19th, Lawline headed over to Battery Park armed with sandwiches, seltzers, and a serious intention to practice our core value of PLAY! Before our short trek to the park, we donned our Lawline t-shirts and took a group photo, at which time we gave playful consideration to bringing cardboard cutouts of our vacationing Lawliners into the picture to represent them accordingly.   

 IMG_2748When we arrived at the park, there were footballs, card games, and a magical neon orange volleyball that asked questions like “where would you most like to travel?” and “what is the best piece of advice you have ever received?”. This particular game was entertaining, it gave insight into who each of us are as individuals, and it revealed what superpowers we should watch out for if the day ever comes where our personal superpower wishes are granted. Several of us put on our IMG_2777game faces for football, and physically expressed what avid players we are. Another group of Lawliners played Rummy, with the added twist of trivia questions on each card, which led to demonstrations of prowess within the game, in addition to a show of diverse and abstract knowledge on everyone’s part. As if the athletic and trivia endeavors of the afternoon weren’t enough, we also had Michael C's birthday in our midst, so the celebration included birthday wishes, singing, and cake!

FullSizeRenderWith this great play comes great action. In the midst of our games and birthday festivities, one of our Lawliners noticed a homeless gentleman sleeping on a bench. Ann immediately took the initiative to exemplify the core value of ACT, and gathered food items that would have otherwise gone to waste. She brought them over to the man and gave them to him, because this Lawliner doesn’t just care deeply for her peers in the office, she cares deeply about people.

Although the day had a consistent rise in temperature, Friday also saw a consistent rise in the amount of happy people in Battery Park. The picnic allowed us to unwind and be just as playful outside of the office as we are inside of the office, and to find out more about each other’s visions and interests. It also provided an extremely relaxing start to the weekend!


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