Plastic Surgery For Bullied Kids: Overboard or not?

Ambassador Ann | August 20, 2012

"Hey fatso! Four-eyes!" We've all heard name-calling in school whether indirectly or directly. Sadly bullying is very prominent in many schools and affects many people's self-esteem  even through adulthood. I came across this video about plastic surgery for bullied kids. In my opinion, it is really horrible that any kid has to resort to that instead of loving themself or being accepted for who they are. This story is about 14-year old Nadia Ilse who, with her mother’s approval, had surgery done to her ears, nose, and chin. An organization called Little Baby Face Foundation funded her surgery which costed about $40,000.

I understand the medical use for plastic surgery and think the Little Baby Face Foundation is a wonderful and generous organization for kids with severe cases. If you check out their website, you will see pictures some unfortunate deformities.  All the while, unnecessary cosmetic use is a bit extreme. The fact Nadia didn’t have counseling first and still hasn’t afterwards makes me wonder if would she still have gone through with it if she did receive it. Bullying affect the victims more psychologically.  She is looking forward to starting the school year as a freshman without being called Dumbo. I truly hope that while she has changed her outside appearance, she grows inside to be a better and more confident woman.

What do you think? Would you have plastic surgery or let your kids have it in the hopes to stop bullying?

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