Progress From Employees' Standpoint

Ambassador Ann | November 13, 2012

As a company, we are ever changing...striving for the next step. Hence the creation of FurtherEd and TeachEm! Stale and old are unknown within our walls. With all the new changes, I asked a few employees of their opinion.

  1. What is TeachEm to you?
  2. What do you think about the FurtherEd and future of the company from an employee standpoint?


  • I see it as a useful tool for leaders in business, education, and groups to share with members of their team an easier way to digest video content from YouTube.  TeachEm makes it simple to share not only the video, but the note cards in order to cut down videos and the comprehension of the content.
  • FurtherEd is our biggest strength.  It allows everyone in the company the flexibility to give ideas not just on law or accounting education, but education as a whole.  We now have a clearer direction in which our company will follow as well as a larger canvas to paint on using our creativeness.


  • I think it is an opportunity to re-invent teaching and apply it to today's world.  I have friends who are currently teachers, all at different grade levels, and when I speak to them about today's education and learning process- it is really different than from what I remember school being like as a child.  It is inevitable that we are moving into a completely technological society and children now-a-days are using things that we never would have dreamed of when we were children, same as our parents when they were children.  I think that TeachEm is bridging the gap of the past and future learning and really allowing people to explore all avenues of education.  There really is no limit with TeachEm and it is so easy to use that this can be the next Google.  I say this because people use Google a lot of the time to look up information they don't already know.  So why not look this up in TeachEm?  You can not only find the answer to that specific question, but maybe other questions you may not have thought of related to that topic.
  • I think that FurtherEd is really taking learning to the next level by allowing limitless possibilities of learning to happen wherever and whenever.  FurtherEd will literally be that place that you can go to to learn about ANYTHING and I love the fact that in this case, the sky really is the limit!


  • Teachem is the opportunity for individuals, like you and me, to show how we think education should be structured and how we believe learning can be facilitated. It gives the every day person a voice in educational reform.
  •  I believe that this is a wonderful feeling from an Employee standpoint!  We are part of a virtually endless growing opportunity for the company as a whole as the possibility for further verticals is endless! As an employee this is exciting and inspiring and always keeps the momentum going!



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