Ambassador Ann | March 23, 2012

This morning, Trisha had the team play the Pulse game.

The Pulse game entitles first to have a coin and a small ball. In this case, we used Ann's rubberband ball. Then everyone was split into two equal lines facing each other across the room.  Each line held their teammate's hands beside them.  The first person of each line, Chris and Julie,  had their eyes open, while everyone else had their heads down and eyes closed. In between the last two people of each line, Sean & Jeff R, is a chair with the rubber band ball sitting on it.

When Trisha flipped the coin on heads, Chris and Julie had to squeeze the hand of the next person and it went down the line, like an electric current.  Sean and Jeff R would try grab the ball before each other.  The first person to grab the ball got a point for their team.

Basically this game was another form of communication and just a fun way to start the day because everyone got competitive trying to beat the other team to get the ball.

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